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NIT Agartala – One of India’s Most Prestigious Universities, a Knowledge Hub That Opens Up the Brightest Career Paths in Front of Its Students

India has always been at the forefront of education when it comes to technology, IT and other technical areas and NIT Agartala, the National Institute of Technology Agartala, also known as NITA is one of the most prestigious universities of the kind, an institute of higher education well-known for its high academic standards and a campus life second to none.

Why Choose NIT Agartala as Your Alma Mater?

If you are looking for a career in IT or other areas of technology such as engineering, NIT Agartala is the certainly one of the best possible choices. The institute offers what is best not only in terms of education, but in terms of infrastructure, living conditions, academic environment and general atmosphere as well.

NITA has been recognized as one of the most prestigious knowledge hubs in the entire country. Having received numerous science awards and being ranked as one of the top research and educational centers in India, the Institute will surely offer you the high-standard education you are looking for.

What Can You Study at NIT Agartala?

As an institute of technology, NIT offers undergraduate programs in various fields of engineering, including bio engineering, civil, chemical, production, mechanical and electrical engineering and you can also study business, computer applications and applied sciences such as mathematics, physics and statistics at a master level or in dual, BS-MS programs – if you are looking for a program to offer you an engineering degree appreciated not only in India, but abroad as well, NIT is the institute to enroll.

Currently the Institute does not offer distance education programs.

Teaching at Its Very Best

Like other prestigious universities around the world, NIT has recognized the importance of maintaining the teacher-student ratio at a manageable level. Whatever your discipline, you can be sure that your progress will be closely monitored by your teachers and you will be able to grow and develop with the help of the regular, personalized feedback sessions you receive. What’s more, the students of NIT Agartala benefit from tutorial classes with the finest experts in their chosen discipline who will help them cope with even the most difficult topics and assignments they are given.

nit agartala auditoriumWhen it comes to IT or other areas of technology and engineering, quality education is synonymous with access to state-of-the-art laboratories and other facilities that allow the students to become not only familiar with, but also proficient in using hi-tech tools and machines. Quality education would be impossible without extensive libraries either and NITA offers the best in this area as well – the Institute’s libraries use the most modern and up-to-date digital catalogs to offer knowledge-hungry students access to the latest advancements in technology.

Life in the Campus, Facilities and Programs

NIT Agartala excels when it comes to student life and campus facilities as well. The institute is located on a beautiful 500-acre land that offers the students the perfect environment of focused, dedicated studying.

The campus currently has four hostels, 1042 beds for boys and 412 beds for girls and a separate hostel for freshmen only, all complete with dining rooms that offer what’s best in Indian and international cuisine.

Wi-fi is available wherever you are in the campus and the central computing facility is equipped with super-fast 30 Mbps broadband connectivity for giving all students access to whatever they want to find out from the information super highway.

NIT Agartala offers its students the best conditions when it comes to keeping fit and excelling in sports as well. The campus has gyms equipped with the most modern work-out tools and machines; the students can participate in yoga classes that will help them unwind and stay fit and focused at the same time, both in the spiritual and in the physical sense of the word.

NIT Agartala buildingThe institute features numerous events as well. Each year, the third-year undergraduate students organize Aayam, a prestigious tech-fest and Moksha, a cultural festival with renowned guests from all over the country, but these are not the only events meant to weld the community. Second-year students are in charge of organizing Sankalp, a techno-cultural fest that is also among the occasions that have raised the highest level of interest among students in the north-eastern region. There are a great many clubs that students can join to help them make academic headway, such as photography clubs, robotics clubs, electronics clubs and countless others.

If you are looking for an institute of higher education where you can receive the training and absorb all the knowledge that you can possibly need for a successful career in engineering, this Institute will surely live up to your highest expectations.

Graduating from NIT Agartala will not only give you the prestigious degree that is appreciated by numerous major companies in India and abroad as well – spending your study years in Agartala will surely give you a myriad of happy memories and unforgettable experiences, too!

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