How Can We Reduce Pollution in Big Cities?

Reduce Pollution

Pollution has become a threat to our world and specifically, in big cities. However, citizens should take responsibilities to reduce pollution in their cities as much as they can. For your convenience, some of the ways are described as follows:

Reduce PollutionConserve Energy: As per the saying “charity begins at home”, we should initiate a good work from our own place. We can save energy at home and through this simplest way, we can reduce air pollution. You should turn off all of your home appliances and lights in case no one is there in that room or after their usage.

Less energy utilization means less emission of carbon dioxide from power plants that in turn help in producing energy. Choosing to purchase Energy Star products will be a significant step in using less energy. It will also save your money whenever you minimize air pollutants inside your home. Such products will make sure that fossil fuels are not burned as much that causes air pollution.

Wash Clothes with Cold or Warm Water: You can wash your clothes with cold or warm water rather than hot water. It helps to save energy. Almost 90 percent utilization of the energy washing machines occurs for heating the water (according to a prominent website). However, instead of using hot water, warm water can be used for and if it is performed for two loads of laundry in a week, then it will save air pollution of the amount of 500 pounds. You should always use cold water whenever the clothes are on the rinse cycle.

Examine Your Home for Radon: Radon is regarded as a risk factor for lung cancer and as per the expert, Radon could be in your own home. Such highly hazardous radioactive gas is tasteless and odorless and it comes from the ground.

You can get to know about the presence of radon in your house by only doing an inexpensive test. It is an easy and quick test that takes a little time. The EPA provides a long-term testing and a short-term testing way to examine for radon. You can check them on their website.

Smoking outside the Home: 65 percent of cases of asthma can be prevented among elementary school students if indoor smoking can be stopped. Secondhand smoke is harmful to the health of the children that can cause a sequence of illnesses including SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, asthma, pneumonia, bronchitis, and ear infections. You and your family live a longer life if your house is free of smoke.

Refuel During Evening: You can fill the gas tank of your car during the evening to cut down the emissions of evaporation that can decrease outside air pollutants. As per the recommendation of EPA, drivers should not refuel their cars in times of Ozone Action Days because trucks and cars have a record of a third of air pollution in the nation.

Carpooling can decrease the amount of nitrogen, carbon monoxidem, hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide, and oxides (according to Florida’s Department of Air Resources Management).

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