Things to Check while Buying Cement for Home Construction Use

Buying Cement for Home Construction

The planing of the floor of a beautiful house is not enough to fulfill your wish of owning a strong home because you also need to pay a proper attention to functional things instead of fancy features for making your home a long-lasting one.

Buying Cement for Home ConstructionThe component that influences the power of a house is cement. Therefore, it is very important to make sure that your building is going to be constructed with the correct quality of cement. If you are not aware of the procedures of how to examine the cement quality, then don’t need to worry. With the following tips, you can be familiar with various aspects of cement.

First, you need to be familiar yourself with different grades of cement:

Different Grades of Cement: Various types of cement are produced for fulfilling the particular requirements. Certain considerations including functional requirements, design parameters, durability characteristics, and environmental conditions influence the cement selection.

The vital part in deciding the cement quality lies in the examining of its grade. A grade is helpful in determining the strength of cement following the twenty-eight days from its utilization.

Ordinary Portland Cement or OPC has come in Different Forms:

  • 33 Grade OPC
  • 43 Grade OPC
  • 53 Grade OPC

The 33 Grade cement is utilized to execute general construction works like plastering in usual environmental conditions. On the other hand, you can discover that 43 Grade cement have numerous utilization for constructing homes. It has several applications in foundations, precast items, brickwork, compound wall, finishing works, plastering etc.

The 53 Grade cement is helpful in achieving strength at a faster pace. Such type of OPC is utilized in the construction of high-rise buildings.

Get Familiar with the Cement Colors

Aside from getting acquainted with different grades of cement, you also need to know about the color of the cement. Grey colored cement is used in the construction of residential building, whereas white cement is utilized for interior and exterior decorations and the development of architectural beauty.

You should read the following tips for buying the best quality cement:

Always choose a reliable and top class manufacturer while you are about to purchasing cement. After that, examine the presence of certification mark and confirm about the cement grade that you are going to use for the construction purpose depending on your requirements.

Always check the seal of cement bags. Each and every bag should be sealed with machine stitching. Stay away from those bags that are torn and stitched thereafter. Don’t purchase the cement bags that have crossed six months and don’t forget to check the name or trademark of the manufacturer. While purchasing has been completed for construction purpose, then start checking the cement quality.

Some Determining Factors to Check the Cement Quality:

You should get cool feeling whenever you insert your hand into the bag of cement. Whenever you take a pinch of OPC and rub it in between your fingers, it should provide you with a smooth finish. The cement color needs to be greenish gray. The high-quality cement does not form lumps or does not have dust.

Top quality cement can provide you assurance about the safety of your home for a long period of time.

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